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Flying in a hot air balloon in the southwest

The southwest is a region popular with tourists for its landscapes, culture, gastronomy, weather and well-being. Les Choses De l'Air transport you above the landscapes of Rouergue in the heart of Occitania, straddling Aveyron and Tarn et Garonne.

un ballon se dégonfle après un vol dans le sud ouest de la France.
Balloon flight in the southwest.

From our hot air balloon you can contemplate the characteristic architecture of our villages and enjoy unspoilt nature. Suspended in the air, carried by an invisible force, you will plunge with the winds into an atypical exploration of our territory. You will discover this Occitan land crossed by deep valleys at the bottom of which small millennial streams wind. Enjoy a discovery stay on the borders of Occitania to organize your hot air balloon flight. Our team will be happy to share with you its passion for flying and the love of Rouergue.

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