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The services presented by the site , are offered by the company LES CHOSES DE L'AIR 

The company LES CHOSES DE L'AIR is a SAS with a capital of 6000 Euros, registered with the RCS of Agen under the number 835 226 564 

1. Object :

These general conditions of sale apply to all the services offered on the site  by SAS Les Choses de l'Air. Their purpose is to define the general terms and conditions under which SAS makes its products and services available to customers. They apply as soon as an order has been validated on our website or directly by our secretariat. The documents which are associated with the products and services, such as descriptions, photos, or any other type of information, are given as an indication and respected as far as possible. Indeed the activity of aerial leisure is dependent on external conditions that only the pilot is able to interpret. We will ask you a lot of humility in the approach of our activities and to respect the choice of the instructor or pilot who will accompany you. 

These general conditions of sale govern our relations with our customers. They prevail over any other stipulation issued by the customer. The simple fact for the customer to place an order will be worth final and irrevocable consent on his part to these conditions. 

2. Validity of the offer:

Our offers are subject to availability at the time of registration if a fixed date is agreed. In the case of a reservation by "gift voucher", an expiry date, "one year" later than the date of purchase, is always stipulated on this voucher. The service must be performed during this period of validity. We advise you to validate a date at least one month before the expiry date of the "gift voucher". 

Upon simple call from you, and imperatively before the expiry date stipulated on your voucher, we can exceptionally extend the validity date by 3 months, and only once. In this case we will ask you to confirm this request by email and we will also send you confirmation of this report by email. 

Any activity interrupted, shortened or not consumed by the beneficiary for any reason whatsoever will not give rise to any refund. 

Apart from the cases provided for in these general conditions of sale, no unilateral cancellation of an order is possible without the agreement of the seller. 

3. Formation of the contract: 

Identification of parts: 

- Customer: person who purchased the service. 

- Beneficiary: person benefiting from the service, who can also be the client. 

- Service provider: Company or self-employed worker chosen to carry out the activity or an associated service. Any order placed by a Customer through the site or the secretariat commits the Customer upon validation of the reservation and payment of the deposit. As soon as the reservation is made online, the customer will receive a message by e-mail confirming the registration of the order by SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR and the request for a deposit for the final validation of the order. Any order implies acceptance of these general conditions which the customer acknowledges having consulted. 

4. Book on the website  : 

Customer can book: 

- either by telephone by calling our secretariat on: 07 74 25 63 37 - or by email by contacting us on:  - or directly on the site  : 

Most of our offers are valid for one year. This flexibility of use allows the Beneficiary to call us to later offer us practice dates. If, on the other hand, the Customer wishes to carry out one of our activities on a specific date, it is advisable to call us beforehand to check our availability. 

Subject to conditions specific to certain services, the booking process on the website includes the following steps:  

- The Customer consults the services in the activities tabs and can select one or more. - The Customer fills in the "book your flight" OR "book your jump" page with the information concerning the "Beneficiary" of the voucher (contact details, availability, weight, etc.) 

- The Customer must validate the Reserve box to activate the reservation 

Possibility of gift voucher (sending by email of the personal gift voucher): Free 

- The Customer will make his final order when paying a deposit, the final payment will be made on the day of the service.  

- Subject to payment of the deposit, the contract is then validly formed. 

- An email summarizing all the elements of the reservation is then sent to the Customer. 

5. Air services, Order, Gift voucher   offers its offers which are distributed according to:  

- Air services: All activities relating to leisure or air transport and which calls on service providers, independent or companies, authorized to practice them. 


And offered in different forms:  

- Order: Validation of a reservation by internet, email or telephone confirmed by sending an order form or gift voucher by email and by payment of a deposit. 

- Gift voucher: Sheet presenting the activity or all the aerial activities and stipulating the name and surname of the Beneficiary, the chosen activity, as well as the expiry date. This voucher is sent by email, at the Customer's request, either to the Beneficiary or to the customer himself. 

6. Prices and terms of payment

The prices are indicated in Euros and per person (unless otherwise stipulated on each product sheet). They are those in force at the time of consultation by the Customer. 

The realization of any activity or the sending of a gift voucher, can only be done when the payment of a deposit for the service has been made. 

The Customer has several means of payment. Payment can be made either:  

- By bank transfer 

- By check, payable in a French bank only, payable to SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR 

The check on which must appear on the back the order number / Name of the beneficiary must be addressed to: SAS Les Choses de l'Air - Le mas du causse 12 700 Causse et Diège

In this case, the order can only be validated or shipped after receipt of the check. 

 -By holiday voucher (ANCV)


An invoice from SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR, according to the formula chosen, will be issued to you upon your request. 

SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR cannot be held responsible in the event of non-processing of an order due to an invalidation of payment. 

7. Conditions of use of a voucher (order, gift voucher)

Any holder of an order form or a gift voucher has proof of payment with SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR, allowing them to carry out one of the aerial activities that we offer. These vouchers indicate the service, the number of people and the formula chosen, as well as the expiry date and the order number 

For reasons of user-friendliness and safety, we strive to limit the number of daily services and work exclusively by appointment. 

Procedure to follow: 

=> M - 8 days (at least): 

If the voucher does not stipulate a fixed date for carrying out the service (case of a voucher with a fixed date), the Client or Beneficiary must call the secretariat on 07 74 25 63 37 to validate a reservation date. This procedure must be done at least 8 days before the desired date. Depending on the season, we cannot commit to the immediate availability of each activity, so it is best to anticipate your validations. 

=> H - 1 day: 

Before going to the place of the activity, the day before or the day of the flight, we advise you to contact SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR, which will specify the aerological conditions expected in order to consider postponing the activity to case these are not optimal. 

=> D-Day: 

You must show up on the scheduled day at the location of the activity or scheduled appointment. Don't forget the appropriate outfit* for the activity or the season and the booking voucher/gift voucher that you must give to the Service Provider.  

* Closed shoes, long pants, windbreaker and cap will be ideal. Scarves and synthetic clothing should be avoided. Luggage is not allowed on board! The deterioration and or loss of personal items will be the sole responsibility of their owner. »


8. Conditions for exercising the activity 

All Customers are informed that the conduct of aerial activities may be subject to changes either due to bad weather, aerological or material conditions that may affect safety, or for reasons beyond the control of the Service Provider, modification, restriction or prohibition of the 'airspace. The Beneficiary or Customer will be informed, as far as possible, by SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR of these possible changes. 

The course of our activities and flight times are given as an indication and we strive to respect them. If, however, we or one of our service providers were required to modify them for reasons of safety or aerology, no recourse could take place on the part of the Beneficiary or Customer. 

No service will be refunded if the flight has a minimum duration of 30 minutes.


Aerial activity is a "risky" environment that pilots and instructors strive to minimize thanks to their experience and professionalism and the material means implemented. However, it is clear that they cannot guarantee 100% security, in particular because of the objective risks specific to this environment. 

The beneficiary or Client also agrees not to exercise any recourse in respect of civil or criminal liability and to only formulate a complaint regarding the progress of the activity directly with the Service Provider whose contact details are provided to him either after payment, i.e. the day of telephone registration, and of its insurers only. 

9. Cancellation 

All the services offered by the site   have a validity period of "one year" from the payment of the reservation deposit. Special case:  

In the case of a reservation for a fixed, non-modifiable date, we undertake to fully reimburse the air service if it is canceled by us, namely:  

- if security conditions require it (bad weather, aerology, etc.) 

- in case of normally unforeseeable events (restriction, modification of airspace, aircraft problems, etc) 

This refund is not applicable on vouchers valid for 1 year or on services associated with the air service. 

In the event of cancellation of the service, the company les choses de l'air can in no way be held responsible for the additional costs incurred (Hotel, car rental, journey, etc.) no reimbursement can be requested by the contracting party.

In the event of a delay in meeting on D-Day by a passenger, and if the service has started, no refund will be possible. For safety reasons, hot air balloon flights must respect a departure time.


The carriage of passengers is subject to the conditions stipulated in the Warsaw Convention. The pilots are the only masters on board and as such they have authority over all the people on board.

As such, the pilot can:

Refuse to board or disembark any person among the passengers who may pose a risk to the flight.

Passengers undertake to respect the instructions as well as the paragraph "medical and other conditions"


11.Medical and other conditions

We are not qualified to judge your good physical condition for a flight, it is up to you to contact your doctor in case of doubt (heart problem, hip prosthesis, etc.).

Pregnant women, unfortunately, cannot fly.

You must not have done a scuba dive within 24 hours before the flight.

The consumption of alcohol and narcotics is prohibited before and during the flight.


In the event of temporary and/or permanent incapacity of a passenger, the flight ticket will retain its validity date. The ticket will however be transferable in the event of permanent incapacity

All our passengers must be able to get on and off our baskets without outside help. Passengers must also be able to stand up throughout the service.

Our platforms are not equipped with PMR (Person with reduced mobility)

We inform our passengers that in the case of a weight greater than 95kg, the flight can be rescheduled for technical reasons specific to the hot air balloon.

Children: children under 6 years old and under 1.20m are not allowed in free flight (in captivity yes). Any child under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


12. Flight regime:

The balloon flight is subject to VFR regulations with or without a transponder.


13. Chartering/ sub-contracting

To deal with covid and/or weather cancellations, we reserve the right to call on another professional approved by civil aviation and in accordance with European legislation. In the event of subcontracting, the flights carried out will be subject to the operation and under the sole responsibility of the subcontractor.


14. Insurance

Insurance of Service Providers or third-party companies. 

The Customer is informed that SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR holds Professional Civil Liability for notoriously sufficient amounts, and has all the authorizations or diplomas allowing them to carry out their activities._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

On certain activities (training course) individual insurance is necessary and will be offered to you if you do not have it. 

Additional insurance. 

It is up to the Customer or Beneficiary who considers that the level of guarantees offered by the Service Provider with regard to the activity practiced and his personal social protection is too low, to take out additional guarantees (art 37 and 38-L84-610 of the insurance code – information obligation) 

15. Modification of a reservation 

a)   Modification by the buyer 

Modifications are possible more than 8 days before the date of the activity, on written request sent by email to the following address:

Anyone who does not show up on the day and at the agreed time automatically loses the validity of their voucher. 

b)  Modification by us 

We may be forced to modify an essential element of the program due to circumstances that are not attributable to us, for climatic reasons, reasons inspired by the general interest, or the safety of the participants. Under no circumstances can we be held liable for this. If the reserved activity is unavailable, SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR will contact the customer as soon as possible to offer either a new activity or the cancellation of the order._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_



16. Intellectual Property 

All logos, photos, icons and models appearing on the site   are the property of SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR, except the logos/brands provided by the partners. Any partial or complete reproduction, whatever the medium, for commercial, associative or voluntary purposes, is prohibited without the consent of the holders of the trademarks or rights attached to these graphic representations. 


17. Complaints

Any complaint relating to an activity must be sent directly to SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, within the mandatory period of 15 days after the return date, accompanied by supporting documents, to the address our address. After this period, no complaint can be taken into consideration. 

If no agreement is found, then the consumer in view of the consumer code may have recourse to mediation (Articles L611-1 to L611-4)


18. IT

Pursuant to Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, the information requested from you is necessary for your registration to be processed. Your answers are mandatory, failure to answer making registration impossible. For any corrections concerning the information transmitted during your reservation, contact SAS LES CHOSES DE L'AIR directly. Unless otherwise specified by you, we reserve the right to use your contact details to send you, in particular by e-mail, various information. Any breach of the provisions of this Law is provided for and punished by articles 226-16 to 226-24 of the Penal Code. For any corrections concerning the information transmitted during your reservation, contact the service provider directly. 


19. Settlement of disputes - Applicable law 

Any dispute, dispute, failure to settle or difficulty of any kind relating to our services will be subject to the jurisdiction of the Court of Agen. These General Conditions are subject to French law. 


07 74 25 63 37 –  

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