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For a communication or air mission , the ULM is the ideal tool (reduced cost compared to the plane or the helicopter, stability, visibility, …)

Original marriage proposal, aerial revelation of the sex of your future baby (gender reveal party), ...

We can provide services for events , aerial observation , photography and aerial shots, but also advice/assistance and conveying.

Our know-how in the field of light aviation associated with our network of partners will allow us to find a solution to your needs.



Evénementiel - publicité aérienne - suppot de communication original

Do you want to associate an original 3D activity with an event (wedding, concert, seminar, etc.) or for communication purposes (commercial actions)? 

We offer for example:

  • Dropping of one or more paratroopers (for an opening football/rugby/wedding match...)

  • Banner on a hot air balloon

  • Captive Hot Air Balloon

  • Hot air balloon in your image

  • Banner towing…

Observation / Photographs / Cinema:

prise de vue aérienne-occitanie

Whether you are a professional or an individual, we can take all types of aerial shots: Photographs for the Tourist Office, private properties (companies, factories, homes, etc.), land use planning, archaeological, film reports, etc.

Drone, free flight, ULM, hot air balloon, we will be able to find and implement the best device according to your image needs and the area to be treated.

We will seek the best technical compromises to adapt your devices to our aircraft. We can also deliver a finished product to you.

Assistance / Advice:

Saut en parachute - ULM - montgolfière - occitanie

Your project is to fly?  

We will make you discover a maximum of aerial disciplines, without prejudice so that you find the one that suits you.

Become the owner of a device?

We will advise you, without lobbying, to find an aircraft that meets your needs, skills, budget and flight philosophy.

Open a microlight runway, a private aerodrome or restricted use, a balloon take-off platform?

We are here to support you and advise you in your efforts. We can mount and manage the administrative folder   for you.

Paramoteur ULM occitanie convoyage tarif


You have just bought an aircraft or you are moving and you want to convey your aircraft in flight?

After studying the airworthiness of your aircraft, we will offer you a personalized quote for its delivery in France or abroad.

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